The Fate of the Beach

The Beach

I walked on a moonlit white sand beach

Which the ocean claims to be its part

And land describes it its own heritage

I, feel the beach is torn apart


Torn apart between the shallowness of sea

And the greed of the ground

And between its own greed

To be a part of both mother of pearls and fertile land


So, it still lies between the two, shrinking overtime

As the land has left it for the sea to play its part

Till, all the sand castles are washed

And it’s existence is lost.


This dilemma of beach of unspoken and unheard by the sheets of meat which run over its leftover ruins.

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The Monsoon Winds!

So, she is finally here. Noooo!! not a Lass or a Dame flaunting her superficial colors over the park .I am talking about the rains.Here in the subcontinent we call these winds which bring in the water to the thirsty land as “Monsoon”.Such a beautiful and soothing name isn’t it.Love it.

So,Finally the Rains have begun,and I being  an emotional typewriter has started to spill my ink all over my blog exemplifying it’s beauty and expressing my gratitude to it.

But who does not love dark skies , cold zephyr and the green and rejuvenated nature all around.It’s like the God’s Gift for an Atheist ,isn’t it.

Monsoon soaks us all in the most spiritual feeling of all.It turns up the artist is us.So bloody hell! stop complaining about the puddles and the insects and pick up your pastel,pen or charcoal and just let your heart flow over .Monsoon does have a special bond with me! I like it’s damp and wet weather.


So now here is a small tribute ,to one of the most calming and beautiful forces of nature as I dedicate my creation to you beauty!!





Standing, in my balcony as I sip my cup of tea

A gentle, cool breeze swept touching my skin

Evaporating all my melancholy and glee

As I turned over a new leaf again.


Dark clouds, gathered in the heaven up above

To, wet the tree and the earth

And, the ships that sail in the sea

Extinguishing the flames of anguish and desire, sunk in the heart deep.


And, now the drizzle began, quenching the thirst

Of every perishable man on earth

As the god thundered and bolted the light

The earth welcomes the monsoon with joy.


The rain and the wind display this art

Of spiritual blessing and rejuvenation, in the gods part

And, I stand now, on the field, drenched from head to toe

As my arms are now spread, soaking the beauty from its every stroke.


So,Pick up your caffeine,Wrap yourself nice and tight and fall in love with her winds again!


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Till then. DASVIDANIYA !!