Caffeine to Coffin!


” Who the fuck calls at 2 AM”- She said

” Hello…. . You blithering Idiot have you seen the time it’s 2 AM in the morning”- The man shouted

” I am sorry dear! I disturbed your sleep. I just wanted to tell you……

And the phone smashed on the other end

Wanna know who was at the receiving end of this raging venom.

A Old and Grey woman who was his Mother.

His boy slept deep after the call!

Till the phone rang in 8 in the morning.

” Mr. Verma is it?”- Said an authoritative voice a bit cold with the frost

“Yes Sir”- Squeaked Mr. Verma

” I am sorry to inform you but your mother passed away 2 A.M in the night”- Said the gentleman

” Oh! I thought you were talking from the insurance, See I am a bit stuck here. So would you dispose her”- Said a “son”

The call disconnected…………………………………………………….

Moral- There is no moral.





Come Back Chester Bennington!!

“I tried so hard and got so far”

“In the End”

“It doesn’t even matter”

“I had to fall to loose it all”

“But in the end it doesn’t even matter”


I heard these words first when I was fighting my way to the light in this world of darkness. They shook me from the core. Yes! Music has that strength to stir your soul deep and brew the storms of emotions that flow out of your eyes.


Chester had that voice and spirit that blew me away and gave me strength. I know it’s too late to write his obituary but today my heart screamed to heaven to bring him back! So I just blew my lid off.


Come back Chester! This world needs you. I need you!.


Hit my soul

Kiss of Bliss


Grey and dark they floated up the hills

vapours and smoke dark as night sweet

filled with the wine so aromatic and sweet

stolen from the cellars of paradise it seemed


It thundered its presence to the heaven

and to the mortals in the ground

as it dripped and streamed the pearls of joy

fulfilling the wishes of the earth after her long cry


So, I stand witnessing this mystical romance

As the poetic lover bathes her beautiful lass

Both naked and drawn in love

For their bodies might be different

But their souls were one


Dehradun is heaven. I t has not stopped raining since the last 48 hours. Dark and grim all day. Well i guess darkness guides my soul.




Chains of Life

Chains of Life


I was born breaking the chains

of the warm palace of my mother’s heart

Only to be chained again in the dark dungeons

of, the castle of glass called life


The castle of glass so fragile and weak

all it takes is a blow of the truth

to shatter it’s false might

But Alas! The prisoners of the castle

were the guards standing by


So, I ease myself into these chains

Which are now the part of my life

And, my soul is now frozen too cold to melt

By the fires of motivation and desire


Too dark and deep. Well so is life , you and me. We all fake that smile on our faces when our soul cries from inside shredded into bits and pieces.



Her Birthday!

It’s her birthday, as she blows those candles off

But what about my soul

It’s fire was frozen

by the breath of your heart which broke with mine

And now all remains is a castle of glass

with cracks waiting to rumble into sand anyday


I know ! I know!.”No Siddharth!, you bitch! how much time do you need to get over her”

Well we boys do hide our scars really well. But our scars are for life and No not even Samwell Tarly can treat them. I do bleed out of these wounds and spill the blood all over my write. Gory! Isn’t it. Well yeah.

So, back to her birthday. She turns 21 tomorrow. Being in the same class everyday I have to see her face and you can understand the pain. But she’s gonna be prettier tommorow and  beauty of your ex is directly proportional to the blood’s boiling temperature. I don’t miss her body but it’s difficult to give away a part which was once yours.

Well! I will wish her tomorrow.  Any suggestions on how to do it ?

Prep time is on.

Back in Doon!

Yeah! The solace of the summer ends now guys. Back to Dehradun now. Day in and day out of work and fun now. Engineering is kinda like that nosy girlfriend that is worth the world but annoys you constantly with her bitchy attitude (Sorry Feminazis!). It’s pouring here and I feel i love the rain and petrichor more than the Earth craves for it. Chai, Pakode and just sitting beside the window peeping out of the window as the tiny droplets of wine extinguishes your anguishes and fears and freshens you up again!.

” Aur Dehradun ki Baarish bhii suhani hoti”

Living just 50 km from “The queen of hills” Mussoorie I guess I will be off as soon I write this blog for ya friends.

To be honest i would like to skip our conversation as i don’t have words to describe this experience. Something are better left unsaid. Just let it chill you with her eternal peace and cool.Blog


Shout out to my followers!!

I embarked on this journey which turned into my obsession and now your love and support has turned the seed into the fruit. I know it’s no great achievement having 50 followers , but you have been a family through my highs and lows. I came across some amazing people out here and some really talented ones. I extend my heartfelt thanks and hugs to all of you who followed my Blog. You guys are fam!.

Love to each and every one of you. Keep the love forever. May God Bless you all.


See you soon folks.



The Judgmental Nature


Mankind, since its inception to this world of dreams and lies

Has reasoned and reflected on the treacherous course of life

But as the stream of evolution gushed, and we turned old to new

We lost our depth and developed an inapt judgemental view


“O’ see the slut, exposing her thighs”- cries the misogynistic society

As she walks down the road, draping herself in a dress of her choice

Their, decency lies in veiling her body and mind

And turning her into some cattle with no sense of pride


“Negro’s are slaves” shouted the racist bigot

Taking pride in the colonial massacre of humanity which his forefathers committed

Tied up in Irons, of their own view of fragmented society

That they forget that every white needs its own black to fill in the enprint




“It’s against the law of nature, you faggot!” shouted the homophobe

Trapped in his own ruins of thoughts, refusing to come up

And, cursing his brothers for their choice of love

As, he finds himself alone in this godforsaken world


So, let’s dive a little deep into our pool of thoughts

And, think twice before we speak

Judging is common because it is easier than contemplating

Among the society shredded by hate and narrow thinking


Well isn’t it true these days or wait since the dawn of our history. Mind your business Assholes!





Desires of a petrichor



Trickling from the shrine

Pearls of joy and drops of solace embrace my soul

As it kisses my skin and soul with the tenderness and calmness of its abode

Takes me to a journey from dusk to dawn

Heaven to Earth, a place where this fallen broken soul belongs


Falling from heaven to quench the thirst of the barren land

The drops of wine restore the Earth’s solace and peace

Like the almighty grant’s away his blessings which this mortal being receives


And, for this soul, who can do what but to gaze in wonder

This spiritual cosmic bond between the creator and creation

These tears of love trickles down from my lips to my heart

Restoring my fallen consciousness


My soul dances and rejoices as the myth portray before it

Two legendry lovers meet and romances


And as for the body

It stands under the blue

For the rain to drip it again.


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