Drunken Monk!


Wine of Delusion


Having drunk the intoxicating wine of delusion

World has lost its mind and senses

For they are too blind to see

Their life gradually crawling towards end


The skin erodes and beauty fades away

With the daily rising and setting of sun

And the time is lost like the sand

Which slips from the fist of weak men


O’ ye fool wake up your slumbering soul

Aren’t you frightened?

At the sight of the birth

Old age misfortunes

And the death of your shipwrecked brothers


So, let us rise from this fall

Seeking to bear our hearts once again

For the truth that lies beyond

The narrow-fragmented walls of golds and gains


How sad is that we do not even rise to realize the truth on even seeing old age misfortunes and death of others. So guys wake up, there is a world above your looks and money to fulfill your materialistic desires.

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The Fate of the Beach

The Beach

I walked on a moonlit white sand beach

Which the ocean claims to be its part

And land describes it its own heritage

I, feel the beach is torn apart


Torn apart between the shallowness of sea

And the greed of the ground

And between its own greed

To be a part of both mother of pearls and fertile land


So, it still lies between the two, shrinking overtime

As the land has left it for the sea to play its part

Till, all the sand castles are washed

And it’s existence is lost.


This dilemma of beach of unspoken and unheard by the sheets of meat which run over its leftover ruins.

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Doomsday clock!

Abandoned Consciousness

It’s the darkest hour as the doomsday clock nears 12

The, world is dipped in the dark tar of devil

And torn between the tug of war between heaven and hell

As both pull to drift the humanity towards themselves


Seeing the plight of a women raped and her respect bleed

In the open daylight as the society never seems to exist

And, the world rips apart her pride and honour

Plagued with a mindset of subjugation and false order


Possessing the food for thought as the preach their greatness

But, never they had a thought for food for the abandoned

For, the poor rotting in the dungeons of hunger and death

Choose, a quick snap over the prolonged trauma of the other


The vultures of the evil feed these stinking souls

Which humanity has abandoned ago

And all that remains is the sack of meat

With no thoughts of their sinful deeds


The current situation of the world reminds me of the song of Michael Jackson “Heal The World” as I stumble upon the carcass of humanity


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Tragedies of Love

Living by the shore


Whispering a tune

behind your ear.

It took so long

to make you feel home

where I have a place,

Right here.


Love can’t be measured

when we spent together.

Love is treacherous,

throughout our lives and until the end of time.


By the shore,

I can see

the waves moving in and out

what’s more, a sad remnant of me

Than a glass of wine filled and I lying empty beside it.Blog

The soul breaks and the heart cries her name aloud. But since the world is deaf and cold i let my pen bleed and cry for me.

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The Faded Beauty

The Faded Beauty


The night sky we see


is not the same,


as the one our predecessors looked upon.


Stars have blurred,


urban sprawl has attacked,


what’s more, the once consummate traverse of night


might be lost in our ocean of light.


The bustling individuals don’t take note.


Nobody looks to the stars any longer


The thick dark sky,


dotted with whispers of removed life.


Lovely lamps coasting oblivious.


Gatekeepers of our universe,


watch life hit the dance floor with death,


as they quietly blur away.


There are no more answers from the divine beings.


No more stories in the night.


Not any more addressing how everyone came to have life.


The world is excessively occupied,


soaked in it’s counterfeit light.


Excessively occupied with, making it impossible to become mixed up in this wonderful spread.


Excessively occupied with, making it impossible to look to our makers.


The flashes that make life.



So , just lie down and enjoy the stars before they fade forever!!

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The Rainy Day’s

The Rainy Day’s


Nights were dark, grim and cold

And the clouds invaded the sky

Extended till the horizon and the peaks so high

I wondered “If I ever would see the light?”


Life grew dreary and sceptic of the bright

As, the clouds poured, flooding my mind

With the thoughts of calamity and catastrophe, by the mighty

Angels of doom, holocausting the blissful residence of the soul


Besides, the gathered vivid dreams I lied

Too, tired and too old to resist and fight

And, now only prayers chanted from my lips

As everything which I once held dear, slipped


Living in the delusion, having drunk the intoxicating wine

Of false power and pride destroyed at the first sight of peril

And, too foolish to realise that we are mere pawns

In the game of chess between the God and the devil


Just a poem today, as i feel too calm to talk about anything else. So , i will just sip my coffee and watch it rain from the dark sky as i read yours and mine life.50-rainy-street

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Going Vegan!

No i am not gonna rant about how cruel is it to kill animals and why it is better to eat plants instead. I am not from PETA and i am not an idiot to force my opinions upon the smart asses like you. So shall we begin the story.

Arun- Yaar! let’s go to doon durbar (Famous Non Veg. Restaurant)

Me- OK ! But after we finish the ” Cursed Child”( Pottermaniac)

After an hour during which he kept ranting about the famous lamb and butter chicken at the place and i ignoring him with earphones around my ears and book in my head . I picked up the Scooter and we drove.

Arun- How’s she.

Me- Who?

Arun- Bhabhi( That’s the Indian reference to my girlfriend)

Me- We broke up

Arun- You broke up or did she break up with you(Sarcastic Tone)

Me- She broke up( With my eyes down to my knees)

And we drove past Doon Darbar glued in our stupid conversation

Suddenly Arun realises and we drive a mile back to the restaurant

Arun- Finally some thing else that Hostel Shit.

Me- Yeah( Still lost is her dreams)

Arun to the Waiter-

“A butter chicken and 4 Rotis” and please bring it quickly”- As he had a moon launch to attend

I got up and decided to take the walk as Arun was now being a bitch about her. Suddenly i saw a man coming out of the Kitchen Store. He was dripped in blood in both his hands and his white Vest turned red.

I was horrified by the scene, so much that i thought Fuck her! Fuck Arun! I am out

And from that day onward i turned to a vegan

P.S- Arun is still a dick


Now we shall bid farewell.See ya’all soon.

Till the . Dasvidaniya!

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Islam as it is

Disclaimer- This blog consists of contents that are only relevant for the stable minded and not for the fundamentalists and fanatics. Nor for you “Liberals”.If you feel offended though just remember I am a just a 20 year old experimenting with the Truth.


There are currently two views about Islam around the world

Joey- Islam is a religion of Peace!

Frank- Muslims are bloody Terrorists.

The problem with both views is simple. We humans rarely use our gifted sense of logical and balanced thinking and we judge  because it’s easy isn’t it.

Firstly Islam like Christianity ( Both Abrahamic and Monotheistic) was spread through violence and less through peace. The invasion of Mecca by Prophet Mohammed and then the expansion of the Islamic caliphate which even conquered Spain was done through violence. Million’s of men , women and children were subjugated and converted to Islam or else lost their lives. Sharia law asks for the capital punishment through stoning and decapitating. All Muslims might not be terrorists but all terrorists which have rocked the world were Muslim( At least by faith). Name me one Islamic Country ( Except probably Turkey) that allows a liberal society in the country and practice Democracy. The Sunni-Shia conflict along with the execution of Ahmadiyyas and Kurdish community across the world which has let to millions of death. Makes me believe Islam in it’s current form is not peaceful.

The Problem with Islam lies in the fact that they believe that a book from the Seventh Century which by the way is also untouched, unadulterated and unaltered through the centuries and a seventh century Man name “Mohammed” are still relevant in 21st century. Islam has become like a stagnant water which is now thus polluted.

Now for those who believe “All Muslims are Terrorists”.

Imagine you are a 10 year old kid in Afghanistan. USA bombs your house as it “suspects” it to be a terrorist camp. Now you survive and your family dies. Ravaged by the hunger and grief to see your entire family and house in ruins , you search for a living to survive.

Filled with the anger against the country which fucked up your entire life and no possible source of Income, you are lured in by these people who ignite your fire even further and you in desperation and in order to seek revenge become” Terrorists” for the USA but a “Freedom fighter” for yourself and your country”.

This is how a great section of terrorists created. Although there are other factors such as Hardcore and false religious teachings but the cause i mentioned above is the most prominent of all.

I could go on and on. But the gist is that the religion including Islam was created by Human and Humans are imperfect and so is their creation we call as ” Religion”.

If there is Osama bin Laden then there is Umar Fayyaz. If there is Hafiz Saeed there is APJ Abdul Kalam.

So, the need of the hour is that Islam acknowledges it’s imperfection and mend it instead of gaining sympathy and the people who call Muslims, terrorists should be sensitive of their situation and remember that not all Muslims are terrorists.

May Allah bless you!!


Till then Peace!!

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Regrets of the life!

“All I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I’d do, I’d give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me, yeah”

Yeah Avril . You are right. Hurt doesn’t it. Pains day in and day out. Bloody heartbreak.

Days of tears, longings and alcohol just to wash down the pain . Really uproots you from the soil of joy and plants you to the swamp of pain.

10 days and no hope in sight. But then something exciting happened


Really sobered up after a while and  discovered the wonderful feeling called ” Moving On”.

Remember the day you get up and realize that she isn’t that beautiful after all.


Naturally being a poet i had a fair share of tears through my pen. But a bit different way than you expect.

Apologies for the Past


As I sat down leaning on the white wall

In, the gallery floored with the wood of oak

I could still hear the footsteps of her dancing, with this nice old bloke

Drenched in the wine of the mystical love or was it the hidden infernal bane.


Staring at the dusk as the yellow turned tangerine

I was struck by the insight of my lost sense of esteem

And, I sipped my whisky a little this time

As I had apologies for the man that I have been in the past


I bear the guilt, holding my life so low

To be tramped over by the thoughts of misery and woe

And let that Scottish lass assay my pristine love

Which knew no limits as it wasn’t destined to know so


I beg for the forgiveness of my manly pride

Which roared like a lion in the jungle of life

But, I reduced it to a mere bleat of the shivering goat for slaughter

Just to keep my love in my sight


I apologize to the sea and the wind

As I neglected your presence in my blood and veins

And to the quill, and to the pot of ink that I brushed aside

Only to be mocked in the sonnet of infidelity of an irreligious


So, I pray for your mercy, to allow this fool

To cast away the devil and be one with my true self

As, you rise my dead spirit drowned in the alcohol

Of her name which extinguished my aura and life overall





So guys! Let me Sober up a bit. See you soon!

Till then


And Yes to Quote Devdas:-

Kaun Kambakht bardaasht karne ko peeta hai… hum to peete hai ki yahan par baith sake, tumhe dekh sakhe , tumhe bardaasht kar sake


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Do we provoke God to jealousy!

I know i am late friends, haven’t opened my blog for a while. I apologize..Promise to be regular, but you know LIFE .

Ever thought of being spiritual. No! I am not telling you wear the orange robes and sell your I- phone and shave your heads ,to become monks. I mean have you sought a path out of this chaos, have you ever searched for peace! Come on, i trust you for smart people!

What? Really. Like never. Ok! You had an experience but you can’t name it . So let’s walk through this journey together for a bit.


First of all let me clearly separate between religion and  spiritualism. Religion is a depiction of faith of one in the god, spiritualism is the faith one in thyself. Religion has rules, spiritualism has one, ” Be true to yourself”. Religion was created by man but spirituality is “His” gift.

So, now as i move forward i feel we all are mostly frustrated by their religion so, here is some food for the thought.




“O’ it is a lovely Sunday morning as the sun dawns”

“God has gifted us this day amidst our all storms”

“Humanity has been blessed, and your faith has been rewarded”

“As the almighty has sanctioned me on his behalf to clear your crimes”, announced the preacher.


Seeing the magic nothing more than a deception of the eye

And his cheap parlour tricks that screamed for attraction

I saw as the mass sway their faith from the God

Into the hands of a mortal who didn’t even knew what was destined.


Seeing the sight my heart melt in sorrow

And my pain grew seeing the humanity’s plight

That man is so desperate for miracles to turn the clock of his fate

That his forlorn soul has forgotten the art of labour and cherish the sweat.


And at that moment the truth struck me hard

That neither the preacher nor the bible can change the life solemn main

So, let us be up and doing with a heart for the truth and any fate

As, the religion and not the god is responsible for the man’s shipwrecked state.


So , i leave with you a question. Do you seek yourself or someone up in the heaven to grant you wishes? Don’t be Columbus and seek the truth that lies in your soul.Blog


Till then “पुनर्दर्शनाय”.

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