I am a Jew

We were Jews, in a German neighborhood
pigs and swine were held higher
than  lives here around
We were spat  and pelted with stones
” **** off Judas”!! screamed Gwen
isn’t she just a toddler that played with Aliza around

Monday dawn Lieutenant  Miller marched in the house
with four SS guards
too young to shave
or act warm
with women and children in a Jew’s house

“A hour Mr. Abergel”, pack and leave
“this mansion is  allotted to Captain Schindler”
“and you shift to a ghetto”
two blocks away on 22nd street

With no relief from the venom
of Aryans, the true son’s of Christ
I clicked my case and lifted my son
as  girls cried leaving their rooms
their childhood faded in sight
as we left the house

We were punched the Star of David
as every penny was seized and Jewish live’s destroyed
“But look O’ Benji” mom cooks you soup
to cure the cough and sneeze

It snows a little as the engine coos
as the black coal hides in white snow
Like, Mein Fuhrer among blue eyed boys
See how civilization has declined





Show must go on

Whatever happens
I leave it up to chance’
breakups and heartaches
millions of failed romances

I guess i am learning
like a child in a class
outside the dawn is breaking
but inside my heart it’s still dark

I think of my hero’s and villains
one worshiped and other despised
but aren’t the hero’s aimless losers
and villains die with a purposeful act

But the show must go on
even when I am not alive
millions have touched this stage
and millions are standing by



We met on sunday

We met on sunday
father and me
as he listened to me whining
about the darkness in the world and bloody fights

I spoke ill for the men behind
” Cast them to hell O’ father, that’s where they are destined”
speaking as I am the only dove left
In the nest of kites

” Father, O’ you holiest of all”
don’t leave me stranded, show me the grail
listening me beg, he turned his head
and laughed at me like a child seeing a clown’s face

“Why do you assume, I am clean and white?”
don’t you see, O’ son mine
I can either be all mighty
or all pristine

Benevolence is a synonym of imbecile
and kindness is a crime
No one wins on the throne of heaven
by exchanging roses and wine

Truly One!

Escaping My Fate


Grounded and stuck, deep into the ruinous mines

Created by the memory of my past haunting me in the dark

There was not a way to escape my deadly sins

As the death approached me to drag me to the gates of the hell


I shouted and cried for the help which seemed afar

As, not a soul stood with me as a light in the dark

And as I walked through the haunted paths of my memory

I, glimpsed on every note and it seemed like my obituary


Heaven, declined me and the inferno was ready to feast

On, the sheep that followed the devil eyeing on the riches which he seeks

And, now I realised the truth as it dropped its veil

That not, even the God would save my soul as he should


So, I picked up learning instead of yearning for all the time that was left.

Read, every book and paper I could find on occult and spells

Taught myself rituals, curses and the art to conjure the dead

As now for me the holy book and the almighty was extinct



So, now this petty dabbler rose to be the master of the dark arts

Dreaming, to send the death back to the place where it belonged

But the efforts of mine were in futile and in vain

As the death was too able and me too impotent to alter my doomed fate.





Truth On-Board!

Neither Too Far Nor Too Deep


Along the lines of the straighter, darker trees in the wood

I walked along in the search for a reason

The reason for why I had a heavy heart and numb legs

Through which I could barely hold my trembling steps


Feeling, like I am in the 11th hour of my life

But the calendar disagreed as the clock chimed

Showing me that it’s still the spring in my life

And I find this paradox hard to believe in my sight


“Neither too far, nor too deep” warned the strings of the broken heart

There is no return, from the quicksand of memories of joy

And tears, which I shred all my life

Whether in the happiest moments or in the deepest regrets


So, now the dilemma clouds my mind

Whether to leave the cracks open or mend it

With the tools of my fragile faith and waivered consciousness

Only to see the structure turn into rubbles again.



Soulful Thought..

Abandoned Consciousness


It’s the darkest hour as the doomsday clock nears 12

The, world is dipped in the dark tar of devil

And torn between the tug of war between heaven and hell

As both pull to drift the humanity towards themselves


Seeing the plight of a women raped and her respect bleed

In the open daylight as the society never seems to exist

And, the world rips apart her pride and honour

Plagued with a mindset of subjugation and false order


Possessing the food for thought as the preach their greatness

But, never they had a thought for food for the abandoned

For, the poor rotting in the dungeons of hunger and death

Choose, a quick snap over the prolonged trauma of the other


The vultures of the evil feed these stinking souls

Which humanity has abandoned ago

And all that remains is the sack of meat

With no thoughts of their sinful deeds.


Poor Old Sod!



It’s the summer of my life, and the petals bloomed vivid and radiant

Animated was the world, and the dears galloped near the clear stream

The sunshine illuminated the path I treaded on

And the smile spread across my face as my life shined.


Now, the cold zephyr blew across my face

And the leaves fell down, and the twilight set a bit too early

The radiance of my life, felt like it was eroding away

As, now I stood in a park, waving my childhood that day.


And now, the breeze turned into a storm

Bringing in hail and snow, it seemed I had lost hope

My vivid image of blunt innocence faded away

As now, the winter of life had set through.


Desperate and distraught as my life phased ahead

I became conscious of the preaching of God

That life is a cycle with spokes of old and new

And, the wheel turns eternally, with no relief for you old sod.




So, I made peace with the wailing kid and bear my heart for the truth somewhere inside

As, now the storm in me has calmed because I grew up and became wise

Nothing is permanent and immortal in this realm of illusionary truth

As the grey veil of death was actually the source of the rebirth in a new form.

As the transition of season from warm summer to chilling winters takes place, our life also shows transition from sunshine to damped.



Heat Up!

The Night Of Summer

Sitting on the sand and glaring on the sun
As, it turned from its youthful yellow to age old crimson
And, its fury turning to calmness and love
I felt cold beneath, somewhere deep inside this heart.

I, pinched myself again
To see, if still feels
The numbing voices of the sacks of meat
And, the rushing monster of steel.

My heart, sunk itself in the ocean
To find the pearl of truth
And, to perceive the hidden secrets of almighty
Hence, discovering the age old truth.

As, the sun kissed the ocean
And, the light for one last time of the day, I still wonder
“Is it better to be a preacher, and dictate the fragmented and fragile lie
Or, be a monk, and walk on the way of truth which I designed.

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The Judgmental Nature


Mankind, since its inception to this world of dreams and lies

Has reasoned and reflected on the treacherous course of life

But as the stream of evolution gushed, and we turned old to new

We lost our depth and developed an inapt judgemental view


“O’ see the slut, exposing her thighs”- cries the misogynistic society

As she walks down the road, draping herself in a dress of her choice

Their, decency lies in veiling her body and mind

And turning her into some cattle with no sense of pride


“Negro’s are slaves” shouted the racist bigot

Taking pride in the colonial massacre of humanity which his forefathers committed

Tied up in Irons, of their own view of fragmented society

That they forget that every white needs its own black to fill in the enprint




“It’s against the law of nature, you faggot!” shouted the homophobe

Trapped in his own ruins of thoughts, refusing to come up

And, cursing his brothers for their choice of love

As, he finds himself alone in this godforsaken world


So, let’s dive a little deep into our pool of thoughts

And, think twice before we speak

Judging is common because it is easier than contemplating

Among the society shredded by hate and narrow thinking


Well isn’t it true these days or wait since the dawn of our history. Mind your business Assholes!





Drunken Monk!


Wine of Delusion


Having drunk the intoxicating wine of delusion

World has lost its mind and senses

For they are too blind to see

Their life gradually crawling towards end


The skin erodes and beauty fades away

With the daily rising and setting of sun

And the time is lost like the sand

Which slips from the fist of weak men


O’ ye fool wake up your slumbering soul

Aren’t you frightened?

At the sight of the birth

Old age misfortunes

And the death of your shipwrecked brothers


So, let us rise from this fall

Seeking to bear our hearts once again

For the truth that lies beyond

The narrow-fragmented walls of golds and gains


How sad is that we do not even rise to realize the truth on even seeing old age misfortunes and death of others. So guys wake up, there is a world above your looks and money to fulfill your materialistic desires.

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