The Judgmental Nature


Mankind, since its inception to this world of dreams and lies

Has reasoned and reflected on the treacherous course of life

But as the stream of evolution gushed, and we turned old to new

We lost our depth and developed an inapt judgemental view


“O’ see the slut, exposing her thighs”- cries the misogynistic society

As she walks down the road, draping herself in a dress of her choice

Their, decency lies in veiling her body and mind

And turning her into some cattle with no sense of pride


“Negro’s are slaves” shouted the racist bigot

Taking pride in the colonial massacre of humanity which his forefathers committed

Tied up in Irons, of their own view of fragmented society

That they forget that every white needs its own black to fill in the enprint




“It’s against the law of nature, you faggot!” shouted the homophobe

Trapped in his own ruins of thoughts, refusing to come up

And, cursing his brothers for their choice of love

As, he finds himself alone in this godforsaken world


So, let’s dive a little deep into our pool of thoughts

And, think twice before we speak

Judging is common because it is easier than contemplating

Among the society shredded by hate and narrow thinking


Well isn’t it true these days or wait since the dawn of our history. Mind your business Assholes!





Drunken Monk!


Wine of Delusion


Having drunk the intoxicating wine of delusion

World has lost its mind and senses

For they are too blind to see

Their life gradually crawling towards end


The skin erodes and beauty fades away

With the daily rising and setting of sun

And the time is lost like the sand

Which slips from the fist of weak men


O’ ye fool wake up your slumbering soul

Aren’t you frightened?

At the sight of the birth

Old age misfortunes

And the death of your shipwrecked brothers


So, let us rise from this fall

Seeking to bear our hearts once again

For the truth that lies beyond

The narrow-fragmented walls of golds and gains


How sad is that we do not even rise to realize the truth on even seeing old age misfortunes and death of others. So guys wake up, there is a world above your looks and money to fulfill your materialistic desires.

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Doomsday clock!

Abandoned Consciousness

It’s the darkest hour as the doomsday clock nears 12

The, world is dipped in the dark tar of devil

And torn between the tug of war between heaven and hell

As both pull to drift the humanity towards themselves


Seeing the plight of a women raped and her respect bleed

In the open daylight as the society never seems to exist

And, the world rips apart her pride and honour

Plagued with a mindset of subjugation and false order


Possessing the food for thought as the preach their greatness

But, never they had a thought for food for the abandoned

For, the poor rotting in the dungeons of hunger and death

Choose, a quick snap over the prolonged trauma of the other


The vultures of the evil feed these stinking souls

Which humanity has abandoned ago

And all that remains is the sack of meat

With no thoughts of their sinful deeds


The current situation of the world reminds me of the song of Michael Jackson “Heal The World” as I stumble upon the carcass of humanity


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Tragedies of Love

Living by the shore


Whispering a tune

behind your ear.

It took so long

to make you feel home

where I have a place,

Right here.


Love can’t be measured

when we spent together.

Love is treacherous,

throughout our lives and until the end of time.


By the shore,

I can see

the waves moving in and out

what’s more, a sad remnant of me

Than a glass of wine filled and I lying empty beside it.Blog

The soul breaks and the heart cries her name aloud. But since the world is deaf and cold i let my pen bleed and cry for me.

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Do we provoke God to jealousy!

I know i am late friends, haven’t opened my blog for a while. I apologize..Promise to be regular, but you know LIFE .

Ever thought of being spiritual. No! I am not telling you wear the orange robes and sell your I- phone and shave your heads ,to become monks. I mean have you sought a path out of this chaos, have you ever searched for peace! Come on, i trust you for smart people!

What? Really. Like never. Ok! You had an experience but you can’t name it . So let’s walk through this journey together for a bit.


First of all let me clearly separate between religion and  spiritualism. Religion is a depiction of faith of one in the god, spiritualism is the faith one in thyself. Religion has rules, spiritualism has one, ” Be true to yourself”. Religion was created by man but spirituality is “His” gift.

So, now as i move forward i feel we all are mostly frustrated by their religion so, here is some food for the thought.




“O’ it is a lovely Sunday morning as the sun dawns”

“God has gifted us this day amidst our all storms”

“Humanity has been blessed, and your faith has been rewarded”

“As the almighty has sanctioned me on his behalf to clear your crimes”, announced the preacher.


Seeing the magic nothing more than a deception of the eye

And his cheap parlour tricks that screamed for attraction

I saw as the mass sway their faith from the God

Into the hands of a mortal who didn’t even knew what was destined.


Seeing the sight my heart melt in sorrow

And my pain grew seeing the humanity’s plight

That man is so desperate for miracles to turn the clock of his fate

That his forlorn soul has forgotten the art of labour and cherish the sweat.


And at that moment the truth struck me hard

That neither the preacher nor the bible can change the life solemn main

So, let us be up and doing with a heart for the truth and any fate

As, the religion and not the god is responsible for the man’s shipwrecked state.


So , i leave with you a question. Do you seek yourself or someone up in the heaven to grant you wishes? Don’t be Columbus and seek the truth that lies in your soul.Blog


Till then “पुनर्दर्शनाय”.

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