Single Mom

She was a father and mother of two
as she swung us in her hands
till we slept, as she tiptoed
leaving for her day job in a grocery store
to keep us fed and our skins warm

Stronger than any man, In my life
I have seen her standing up-to crisis like Christ
and sing the sun with a grain of salt
She is a woman, yes she is my mom

Now the winter of her life has arrived
as shew grows white as the moon
and old as a coal
but still she refuses to bend for pity in disguise
the storms have made her brittle inside

In this man’s world
she was the leader of the pack
men who say women are driven cattle’s
stand up and look at my mother
in her 80’s, still leading with pride




Women are from Venus,Men are from penis

No, It’s no pro-feminism shit.

Let’s just talk about rape threats ensued on women everyday.

If a women speaks her mind and you find it offensive, why is the natural response of Indian men (again not generalizing) is I will rape you ?

First of all you are an Indian, you have an Indian penis. It’s no weapon of choice but it’s a reason of insecurity though.

So, just before you threaten a women like Gurmehar Kaur with rape, just realize everyone has a right to express his/her opinions in a democratic country irrespective of his gender. Just like it’s not right to hit a women,Guy’s don’t threaten them with rape. It’s barbaric!


P.S- If you still decide to threaten a girl with rape just remember you have a water pistol in a field where everyone carries a bazooka.

I guess she would die anyways by laughing at your size 🙂




The Judgmental Nature


Mankind, since its inception to this world of dreams and lies

Has reasoned and reflected on the treacherous course of life

But as the stream of evolution gushed, and we turned old to new

We lost our depth and developed an inapt judgemental view


“O’ see the slut, exposing her thighs”- cries the misogynistic society

As she walks down the road, draping herself in a dress of her choice

Their, decency lies in veiling her body and mind

And turning her into some cattle with no sense of pride


“Negro’s are slaves” shouted the racist bigot

Taking pride in the colonial massacre of humanity which his forefathers committed

Tied up in Irons, of their own view of fragmented society

That they forget that every white needs its own black to fill in the enprint




“It’s against the law of nature, you faggot!” shouted the homophobe

Trapped in his own ruins of thoughts, refusing to come up

And, cursing his brothers for their choice of love

As, he finds himself alone in this godforsaken world


So, let’s dive a little deep into our pool of thoughts

And, think twice before we speak

Judging is common because it is easier than contemplating

Among the society shredded by hate and narrow thinking


Well isn’t it true these days or wait since the dawn of our history. Mind your business Assholes!





Doomsday clock!

Abandoned Consciousness

It’s the darkest hour as the doomsday clock nears 12

The, world is dipped in the dark tar of devil

And torn between the tug of war between heaven and hell

As both pull to drift the humanity towards themselves


Seeing the plight of a women raped and her respect bleed

In the open daylight as the society never seems to exist

And, the world rips apart her pride and honour

Plagued with a mindset of subjugation and false order


Possessing the food for thought as the preach their greatness

But, never they had a thought for food for the abandoned

For, the poor rotting in the dungeons of hunger and death

Choose, a quick snap over the prolonged trauma of the other


The vultures of the evil feed these stinking souls

Which humanity has abandoned ago

And all that remains is the sack of meat

With no thoughts of their sinful deeds


The current situation of the world reminds me of the song of Michael Jackson “Heal The World” as I stumble upon the carcass of humanity


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It was a Murder !!

Yes , it was. She didn’t commit suicide.She was murdered.She was killed and raped a thousand times before she finally gave up on her life.By the “MEN” who see this as their macho and a Birthright since they are more strong then the women around them.

Fucking Assholes!!

First she faces the danger of being killed before even entering this godforsaken world.Even if she makes her way through it.She is the “Second Child” in the family always.Education,liberty and modernization are not a right but a privilege for her and after overcoming this shithole, she is married to a man she does not even know properly.

For many Indian men the term “Marital Rape” does not exist. “How can it be a rape if she is my wife”. She is your wife idiot not your property Idiot!!

And as she ages, her fingers now tremble and the mouth speaks seldom because she has now learnt to bury all the pain and suffering deep inside her! .To whom she must shout,To whom she should cry her river of oppression and pain. The pain only releases only after her death!

Girls walking down the streets are whistled at,Eye-fucked by hundreds of men everyday.Yeah! I admire the beauty, but there is the difference between admiration and lust, between beautiful and “Maal” and between “Gorgeous” and ” Cracker”.

It’s not the problem of India,it’s an mental epidemic all across the world.

So, my heart melted and ink made it’s strokes to write this Poem,


Who is she?


A girl, a woman and a mother is what she is

Friend to some and a lover to him she is

Dress her in red, and worship her like a Goddess

And, then rip her fabric apart and treat her like a witch in your holy shrine


She walks down the road every eve

Stared by the men, she veils her pain and grief

People see her as a sack of meat, to feast their eyes upon

To shallow to realise the beautiful soul which lay in her beneath


Love to lust, she had stood strong in all season’s

Still the size of her clothes is the all the reason

Of, the tossing and crushing of her self-respect and dignity

By, the masses of every section in this disgraceful society


So, grow up folks, it’s been a million years of evolution

Isn’t it too late to realise that her clothes aren’t the solution

As, she stands on the quicksand of the narrow-minded patriarchy

Sinking her deep, with her every move to elevate the society



And, it seems her identity is lost somewhere now

As, she lies in a corner sobbing till her tears run out

Making a choice between the rope and the poison which she held in her trembling hands

Deciding to end this torcher of life, once for and all

As it wasn’t yours it was “Her’s” fault.




The time calls for the collective action of the society to stop this nuisance once and for all because she didn’t commit suicide she WAS MURDERED.

Good Bye!! Till then. We will meet again soon.

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The Gay Pride!!

Yes.Hush!,Hush! all around eh now.

I am from India and here same sex love and marriage is BANNED! Fuck you article 377. This one law was enforced in the late 19th century India ,by the British and now when they are gone we Indian’s refuse to give up our slave mindset.

“Against the law of nature”,”Unnatural,”Ewe!!Filthy”.These are some expressions the society uses against the homosexuals. Come on! Why even in the 21st century the human beings judge you on the basis of your sexual orientation(Although I find Illegal weed more disgusting).

Grow up society. Realize that Homosexual=Homo sapiens and just like us all they have a right to choose their partners and you are no one to interfere with their personal lives,Let alone fucking with it.

So, I now dream of an Utopian island where this malpractice does not exist and dream of a paradox where humans are actually civilized and sensible.

So, here goes the Poetry;

The Rainbow Shines

Wandering in a hamlet beside the green countryside

I, heard the cheers of tods and lads

As, they galloped and rushed towards the church

When the copper bell at the top tolled twice.


And, me too pulled by the curiosity and luck

Stepped into the marble floor, where the holy soul resides

Astonished to see, a wedding like none another

As they kissed in front of the mass who cheered.


Two men took their wedding vows that twilight of may

Exchanging pleasantries and gifts, as not an eye was in dismay

As the couple walked slowly past the gallery, of the lord’s house

With people showering flowers and their mothers darted, to hug them and their spouse.


And, I stood in awe, secretly adoring the victory of gay pride

As, the angels showered their blessing upon them, and the heaven rejoiced

For finally the clock has ticked past the historical human ignorance

About ones love, orientation and pure desires.


Hope we all understand one day that the sexual orientation of a person is not a social issue but a personal choice and everyone should be allowed to have their own lives.

Gay pride

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