Desires of a petrichor



Trickling from the shrine

Pearls of joy and drops of solace embrace my soul

As it kisses my skin and soul with the tenderness and calmness of its abode

Takes me to a journey from dusk to dawn

Heaven to Earth, a place where this fallen broken soul belongs


Falling from heaven to quench the thirst of the barren land

The drops of wine restore the Earth’s solace and peace

Like the almighty grant’s away his blessings which this mortal being receives


And, for this soul, who can do what but to gaze in wonder

This spiritual cosmic bond between the creator and creation

These tears of love trickles down from my lips to my heart

Restoring my fallen consciousness


My soul dances and rejoices as the myth portray before it

Two legendry lovers meet and romances


And as for the body

It stands under the blue

For the rain to drip it again.


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The Faded Beauty

The Faded Beauty


The night sky we see


is not the same,


as the one our predecessors looked upon.


Stars have blurred,


urban sprawl has attacked,


what’s more, the once consummate traverse of night


might be lost in our ocean of light.


The bustling individuals don’t take note.


Nobody looks to the stars any longer


The thick dark sky,


dotted with whispers of removed life.


Lovely lamps coasting oblivious.


Gatekeepers of our universe,


watch life hit the dance floor with death,


as they quietly blur away.


There are no more answers from the divine beings.


No more stories in the night.


Not any more addressing how everyone came to have life.


The world is excessively occupied,


soaked in it’s counterfeit light.


Excessively occupied with, making it impossible to become mixed up in this wonderful spread.


Excessively occupied with, making it impossible to look to our makers.


The flashes that make life.



So , just lie down and enjoy the stars before they fade forever!!

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