Haww! Incest.

By The Light of Candle

So talk about rest and that I should be still
My strength invested in a void I can’t fill
Drowning in sheets, suffocating in time
So you can monitor my dark state of mind

I can feel you near me, so close I am scared
The idea of a cure has me so unprepared
For my view of our love is a cynical mess
My skin screaming with every caress
While I know you care, I am numb throughout
And occasionally I have my doubts

So ask me why I feel enslaved
You’re beautiful, my ball and chain
It is with you, I have fallen sick
The blood is sweet, yet very thick
So tell me to sleep as you dance the night
As I lie alone by candle light

See guys I know it’s a sensitive topic………….I care more about it as I have a friend say “Jack”who has been now in an incestuous relationship with her sister for 2 years now and both of them fear for their lives to an extent that they tried to poison themselves to save the shame.
Not everyone is royal as Jaime and Cersei to fuck in open and not care about it (Remember S7 ). But before you throw stones on them please remember , love is no crime and they like all of us have equal right to express it.
She has reached a point of emotional breakdown and now it’s tough for me to see that.So Guy’s on a serious note please leave them alone.
On a lighter note,………………………………………………….

Crazy little thing called love!!

Expecting poetry. Dayum!! you would be disappointed today because today it’s gonna be short and sweet and please, there is innuendo there.

So, it’s about girls bitching around too much. I get it ladies…society is tough on you. I get it girls…but we men also have fair share of shit going through our lives and guess what when we shout that would be termed indecency and patriarchy.


So just before you decide to go nuts on your boyfriend just remember….”With an Indian dick comes suicidal responsibilities” and we men don’t have a privilege to complain and whine about it.

God bless India.



Her Birthday!

It’s her birthday, as she blows those candles off

But what about my soul

It’s fire was frozen

by the breath of your heart which broke with mine

And now all remains is a castle of glass

with cracks waiting to rumble into sand anyday


I know ! I know!.”No Siddharth!, you bitch! how much time do you need to get over her”

Well we boys do hide our scars really well. But our scars are for life and No not even Samwell Tarly can treat them. I do bleed out of these wounds and spill the blood all over my write. Gory! Isn’t it. Well yeah.

So, back to her birthday. She turns 21 tomorrow. Being in the same class everyday I have to see her face and you can understand the pain. But she’s gonna be prettier tommorow and  beauty of your ex is directly proportional to the blood’s boiling temperature. I don’t miss her body but it’s difficult to give away a part which was once yours.

Well! I will wish her tomorrow.  Any suggestions on how to do it ?

Prep time is on.

Tragedies of Love

Living by the shore


Whispering a tune

behind your ear.

It took so long

to make you feel home

where I have a place,

Right here.


Love can’t be measured

when we spent together.

Love is treacherous,

throughout our lives and until the end of time.


By the shore,

I can see

the waves moving in and out

what’s more, a sad remnant of me

Than a glass of wine filled and I lying empty beside it.Blog

The soul breaks and the heart cries her name aloud. But since the world is deaf and cold i let my pen bleed and cry for me.

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The Gay Pride!!

Yes.Hush!,Hush! all around eh now.

I am from India and here same sex love and marriage is BANNED! Fuck you article 377. This one law was enforced in the late 19th century India ,by the British and now when they are gone we Indian’s refuse to give up our slave mindset.

“Against the law of nature”,”Unnatural,”Ewe!!Filthy”.These are some expressions the society uses against the homosexuals. Come on! Why even in the 21st century the human beings judge you on the basis of your sexual orientation(Although I find Illegal weed more disgusting).

Grow up society. Realize that Homosexual=Homo sapiens and just like us all they have a right to choose their partners and you are no one to interfere with their personal lives,Let alone fucking with it.

So, I now dream of an Utopian island where this malpractice does not exist and dream of a paradox where humans are actually civilized and sensible.

So, here goes the Poetry;

The Rainbow Shines

Wandering in a hamlet beside the green countryside

I, heard the cheers of tods and lads

As, they galloped and rushed towards the church

When the copper bell at the top tolled twice.


And, me too pulled by the curiosity and luck

Stepped into the marble floor, where the holy soul resides

Astonished to see, a wedding like none another

As they kissed in front of the mass who cheered.


Two men took their wedding vows that twilight of may

Exchanging pleasantries and gifts, as not an eye was in dismay

As the couple walked slowly past the gallery, of the lord’s house

With people showering flowers and their mothers darted, to hug them and their spouse.


And, I stood in awe, secretly adoring the victory of gay pride

As, the angels showered their blessing upon them, and the heaven rejoiced

For finally the clock has ticked past the historical human ignorance

About ones love, orientation and pure desires.


Hope we all understand one day that the sexual orientation of a person is not a social issue but a personal choice and everyone should be allowed to have their own lives.

Gay pride

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