Meeting Myself

Looking back in life
I laughed seeing my state
when I woke up all nights
just to plead her to go to date

I whimpered when I saw the teen
writing letters for her
and burying it under his bed
turning into a poet with million rhymes
and no lass to sing and play

I was dazed too
to see myself swinging to and fro over her
while she never felt the same
circling around her like a dog for bone
but her heart was brittle than a cold stone

My hairs defied the gravity
when I looked in the eyes
of the child I was then
innocent as a lamb, stubborn as as a thorn

Clocks turned and here I am now
hearts still broken and bloods still drawn
only now I have cut myself a thousand times
It doesn’t feel like a wound now.




Curse of the inevitable




I still walk in the garden by the sea
where we held our hands
blushing red and kissing near the palms
feeling the warmth in each others breath

But, today I stroll in this park
kicking cans and ripping flowers apart
waiting for you to come and hold my hand
are you late today or I am too dumb to understand?

The clock chimed as it struck 12
and my feet pulled me towards your home
“Meera”,”Meera” I shouted like a 12 year old child
but no one responded, is it your mother’s despise?

Mumbling and distraught I turned my back
but someone stopped me and held my hand
“Oh! Christie what happened to you?”
“Did a lightning strike or you broke up with your beau?”

She drew me close and hugged my soul
drenching me in her sob
“Sister is dead! Raymond ” she twisted my hair
her pain melted my anger and filled it with pain

Sobering her i kissed her forehead
and told her to comfort her mom, as I counted my footsteps
all the way looking up to him
and asking him ” why lord why?

So, now I still walk in the garden everyday
with empty hands and a could soul
but I never go past your grave now
as the living and dead meet and talk
laughing at each others plight

Bonded Love

Steel grins as you struggle
and the fabric rips apart
the cloth blinds your thoughts and sight
as you belong to me afterall

I will lash you and pinch where it pains
and all your grunts and moans will be in vain
Til, you submit under my will
begging me to hit harder till those drops fell

The, winds of lust shall sweep across your body
as you are tied naked
with arms stretched and legs wide open
hailing my name as now you enjoy the pain

I shall tease and leave you begging for more
as you feel the blood rushing
and the temperatures soar
you laying in my arms screaming for more

And now we kiss together the master and slave
Isn’t it wonderful to submit one’s will
and be my prey?


Secret Woods

They met inside the mystery woods
Where they would situation their troth
As verdant creepers wound and wove
Escaped her dad’s fury
He provided for her then as they kissed
The turquoise from his hand
A token of their beaus’ tryst
In their own particular fairyland
Inside each other’s arms they lay
Underneath the starlit sky
Cheering in their hideaway
Hidden from all objection
So then they separated with such sorrow
Their eyes were doused with torment
Both with the expectation time would be brief
Till they could meet once more



The Silent Lover

Passion, sewn in the skin he lies awake in the moon
oiling and rubbing his lamp for another midnight before he swoons
toiled in the memory of her laces and knots
oh! “how to write to her?” he forgot

Silence is never wise in love you know
dead keep secret’s but living shouldn’t
but is it easy to stand and confess
the deepest desires for her skin and an unending conflict

But, lighting his tobacco, In a pipe of 40’s he spoke
“Ah! expressions are for my poetry, she deserves better men than mine”
let me be a silent lover till my end perhaps
as there is nothing more comforting than burning in your desires

~ Siddharth

Sway Along

Sway along with me o’love
from moon to sun
and from dusk to dawn
like we were just born

Cut loose of your rusted bonds
sinking your mind’s flight
and hold my hand as we sway
from the pits of hell to the sky’s of paradise all along

Set, free yourself like the chariot of your mind
unchained and unheld
into a territory so vast and open
as my grandma’s mowed lawn

O’ my half sway with me
all summers and rains along
and let my self burn in you
and you return to ashes in mine





100 Followers Shout out !

I know it’s a small number, but it means a lot to me and I love you for all your support and encouragement. I met some wonderful people here and learnt a thing or two about poetry from much classical poets than me.

I am not a professional blogger. I am engineer, who steals the time from hands of the fate to chase my love for poetry and obscene commentary.


Thank You all of you ! I hope I can continue this journey forever.




Love 🙂

Kiss of Bliss

Kiss of Bliss


Grey and dark they floated up the hills

vapours and smoke dark as night sweet

filled with the wine so aromatic and sweet

stolen from the cellars of paradise it seemed


It thundered its presence to the heaven

and to the mortals in the ground

as it dripped and streamed the pearls of joy

fulfilling the wishes of the earth after her long cry


So, I stand witnessing this mystical romance

As the poetic lover bathes her beautiful lass

Both naked and drawn in love

For their bodies might be different

But their souls were one







Haww! Incest.

By The Light of Candle

So talk about rest and that I should be still
My strength invested in a void I can’t fill
Drowning in sheets, suffocating in time
So you can monitor my dark state of mind

I can feel you near me, so close I am scared
The idea of a cure has me so unprepared
For my view of our love is a cynical mess
My skin screaming with every caress
While I know you care, I am numb throughout
And occasionally I have my doubts

So ask me why I feel enslaved
You’re beautiful, my ball and chain
It is with you, I have fallen sick
The blood is sweet, yet very thick
So tell me to sleep as you dance the night
As I lie alone by candle light

See guys I know it’s a sensitive topic………….I care more about it as I have a friend say “Jack”who has been now in an incestuous relationship with her sister for 2 years now and both of them fear for their lives to an extent that they tried to poison themselves to save the shame.
Not everyone is royal as Jaime and Cersei to fuck in open and not care about it (Remember S7 ). But before you throw stones on them please remember , love is no crime and they like all of us have equal right to express it.
She has reached a point of emotional breakdown and now it’s tough for me to see that.So Guy’s on a serious note please leave them alone.
On a lighter note,………………………………………………….

Crazy little thing called love!!

Expecting poetry. Dayum!! you would be disappointed today because today it’s gonna be short and sweet and please, there is innuendo there.

So, it’s about girls bitching around too much. I get it ladies…society is tough on you. I get it girls…but we men also have fair share of shit going through our lives and guess what when we shout that would be termed indecency and patriarchy.


So just before you decide to go nuts on your boyfriend just remember….”With an Indian dick comes suicidal responsibilities” and we men don’t have a privilege to complain and whine about it.

God bless India.