Show must go on

Whatever happens
I leave it up to chance’
breakups and heartaches
millions of failed romances

I guess i am learning
like a child in a class
outside the dawn is breaking
but inside my heart it’s still dark

I think of my hero’s and villains
one worshiped and other despised
but aren’t the hero’s aimless losers
and villains die with a purposeful act

But the show must go on
even when I am not alive
millions have touched this stage
and millions are standing by




Meeting Myself

Looking back in life
I laughed seeing my state
when I woke up all nights
just to plead her to go to date

I whimpered when I saw the teen
writing letters for her
and burying it under his bed
turning into a poet with million rhymes
and no lass to sing and play

I was dazed too
to see myself swinging to and fro over her
while she never felt the same
circling around her like a dog for bone
but her heart was brittle than a cold stone

My hairs defied the gravity
when I looked in the eyes
of the child I was then
innocent as a lamb, stubborn as as a thorn

Clocks turned and here I am now
hearts still broken and bloods still drawn
only now I have cut myself a thousand times
It doesn’t feel like a wound now.



Let’s get lost

Am, I lost in the woods of world?
every leaf seems new and ever trunk unknown
and the path, uneven and wet from rain
It sinks me and draws towards it’s core
rather than sail me

But sail me where?
and why?
why shouldn’t I lie here in peace
or swing with the chimps and eat sour grapes
smelling the blossoms in the wild

So, should I tread or rest
let life sweep me in her force
and just for once
cherish the journey
rather than pitching for the end


Ah! This Life

A crust of bread and a corner to sleep in,
A tick to grin and a hour to sob in,
A half quart of joy to a peck of pain,
A seed that slowly grows in rain;
Ah! This is life

Standing beside the life unfolds,
With a grin to warm and whine to vivify us;
Also, joy appears all sweeter when sun shines after,
and the heat twists to cold as if spells have no masters;

Ah! This is life



Long way down

I, see the life long way down
down in the trenches, in holes and pits
where I was being lowered to, In a black suit
with flowers and mourners all around

It seems, I was sleeping, only for eternity this time
so peaceful and serene it was
then why are Hannah, Julie and Robert are sobbing
are they jealous of the place where I now reside

Darkness was peaceful as it turned thin to thick
and I did not nudge a little, fearing to break the trance
“Better than the pity life” I said to myself
Lying in the nothingness and peace

But, when I opened my eyes, I felt warm and red
as the blood flushed through me once again
I twisted my muscles, looking inside her body
as my dreams crashed to this curse again

In frustration and anger, I punched her belly
and stung the lord for snatching my sleep
for now I will be broken in the wheel of this world
with no escape or spiritual solution



Truth On-Board!

Neither Too Far Nor Too Deep


Along the lines of the straighter, darker trees in the wood

I walked along in the search for a reason

The reason for why I had a heavy heart and numb legs

Through which I could barely hold my trembling steps


Feeling, like I am in the 11th hour of my life

But the calendar disagreed as the clock chimed

Showing me that it’s still the spring in my life

And I find this paradox hard to believe in my sight


“Neither too far, nor too deep” warned the strings of the broken heart

There is no return, from the quicksand of memories of joy

And tears, which I shred all my life

Whether in the happiest moments or in the deepest regrets


So, now the dilemma clouds my mind

Whether to leave the cracks open or mend it

With the tools of my fragile faith and waivered consciousness

Only to see the structure turn into rubbles again.



Confession Time!

Apologies for the Past


As I sat down leaning on the white wall

In, the gallery floored with the wood of oak

I could still hear the footsteps of her dancing, with this nice old bloke

Drenched in the wine of the mystical love or was it the hidden infernal bane.


Staring at the dusk as the yellow turned tangerine

I was struck by the insight of my lost sense of esteem

And, I sipped my whisky a little this time

As I had apologies for the man that I have been in the past


I bear the guilt, holding my life so low

To be tramped over by the thoughts of misery and woe

And let that Scottish lass assay my pristine love

Which knew no limits as it wasn’t destined to know so


I beg for the forgiveness of my manly pride

Which roared like a lion in the jungle of life

But, I reduced it to a mere bleat of the shivering goat for slaughter

Just to keep my love in my sight.


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Poor Old Sod!



It’s the summer of my life, and the petals bloomed vivid and radiant

Animated was the world, and the dears galloped near the clear stream

The sunshine illuminated the path I treaded on

And the smile spread across my face as my life shined.


Now, the cold zephyr blew across my face

And the leaves fell down, and the twilight set a bit too early

The radiance of my life, felt like it was eroding away

As, now I stood in a park, waving my childhood that day.


And now, the breeze turned into a storm

Bringing in hail and snow, it seemed I had lost hope

My vivid image of blunt innocence faded away

As now, the winter of life had set through.


Desperate and distraught as my life phased ahead

I became conscious of the preaching of God

That life is a cycle with spokes of old and new

And, the wheel turns eternally, with no relief for you old sod.




So, I made peace with the wailing kid and bear my heart for the truth somewhere inside

As, now the storm in me has calmed because I grew up and became wise

Nothing is permanent and immortal in this realm of illusionary truth

As the grey veil of death was actually the source of the rebirth in a new form.

As the transition of season from warm summer to chilling winters takes place, our life also shows transition from sunshine to damped.



Heat Up!

The Night Of Summer

Sitting on the sand and glaring on the sun
As, it turned from its youthful yellow to age old crimson
And, its fury turning to calmness and love
I felt cold beneath, somewhere deep inside this heart.

I, pinched myself again
To see, if still feels
The numbing voices of the sacks of meat
And, the rushing monster of steel.

My heart, sunk itself in the ocean
To find the pearl of truth
And, to perceive the hidden secrets of almighty
Hence, discovering the age old truth.

As, the sun kissed the ocean
And, the light for one last time of the day, I still wonder
“Is it better to be a preacher, and dictate the fragmented and fragile lie
Or, be a monk, and walk on the way of truth which I designed.

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