Back in Doon!

Yeah! The solace of the summer ends now guys. Back to Dehradun now. Day in and day out of work and fun now. Engineering is kinda like that nosy girlfriend that is worth the world but annoys you constantly with her bitchy attitude (Sorry Feminazis!). It’s pouring here and I feel i love the rain and petrichor more than the Earth craves for it. Chai, Pakode and just sitting beside the window peeping out of the window as the tiny droplets of wine extinguishes your anguishes and fears and freshens you up again!.

” Aur Dehradun ki Baarish bhii suhani hoti”

Living just 50 km from “The queen of hills” Mussoorie I guess I will be off as soon I write this blog for ya friends.

To be honest i would like to skip our conversation as i don’t have words to describe this experience. Something are better left unsaid. Just let it chill you with her eternal peace and cool.Blog



Going Vegan!

No i am not gonna rant about how cruel is it to kill animals and why it is better to eat plants instead. I am not from PETA and i am not an idiot to force my opinions upon the smart asses like you. So shall we begin the story.

Arun- Yaar! let’s go to doon durbar (Famous Non Veg. Restaurant)

Me- OK ! But after we finish the ” Cursed Child”( Pottermaniac)

After an hour during which he kept ranting about the famous lamb and butter chicken at the place and i ignoring him with earphones around my ears and book in my head . I picked up the Scooter and we drove.

Arun- How’s she.

Me- Who?

Arun- Bhabhi( That’s the Indian reference to my girlfriend)

Me- We broke up

Arun- You broke up or did she break up with you(Sarcastic Tone)

Me- She broke up( With my eyes down to my knees)

And we drove past Doon Darbar glued in our stupid conversation

Suddenly Arun realises and we drive a mile back to the restaurant

Arun- Finally some thing else that Hostel Shit.

Me- Yeah( Still lost is her dreams)

Arun to the Waiter-

“A butter chicken and 4 Rotis” and please bring it quickly”- As he had a moon launch to attend

I got up and decided to take the walk as Arun was now being a bitch about her. Suddenly i saw a man coming out of the Kitchen Store. He was dripped in blood in both his hands and his white Vest turned red.

I was horrified by the scene, so much that i thought Fuck her! Fuck Arun! I am out

And from that day onward i turned to a vegan

P.S- Arun is still a dick


Now we shall bid farewell.See ya’all soon.

Till the . Dasvidaniya!

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