Damsels in Distress

Warning- Explicit content with frequent use of the “F” word.

Gonna set the record straight. Call,it mansplaining  or whatever the fuck you want to. Chivalry and Feminism can’t go hand in hand. You can’t have both, ladies first and men=women bullshit going on.  There are only two types of people.

  1. Normal
  2. Sexist (Women can be too!)

If this sounds misogynistic to you,then what your way of feminism is Misandry at it’s peak.

Short and simple

Men and Women aren’t equal. They compliment the circle of life and humanity. Women are emotionally strong and men are physically. ( Don’t tell to fight Ronda Rousey now).We should accept and celebrate these differences with a broader mindset ,rather than forcing equality to cover up and justify our narrow perspective which fails to accommodate and cherish these differences.

Fake rape and Fake dowry cases are most prevalent today. According to the reports of DCW nearly half of the rape cases filed are fake .

This not only victimizes men but hurts women who are really raped and suffer from sexual abuse. Women need empowerment,no doubt but not at a cost of dis-empowering men.

So,just stop with your pseudo-femisnism bullshit. Peeing on walls like men,not shaving your pubes and being naked does not make you empowered but a lunatic.

It doesn’t matter if you have a dick or a cunt . As long as you are good in what you do,you will be recognized.

And Finally

# MeToo has lost it’s purpose. There is a difference ladies between someone touching your bare back and raping you. So, be reasonable before playing the victim card.



He is a rapist



They are not

Then why the same punishment for both ?


P.S- Views are of my own and no one is obliged to agree or comply with them.




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