I am a Jew

We were Jews, in a German neighborhood
pigs and swine were held higher
than  lives here around
We were spat  and pelted with stones
” **** off Judas”!! screamed Gwen
isn’t she just a toddler that played with Aliza around

Monday dawn Lieutenant  Miller marched in the house
with four SS guards
too young to shave
or act warm
with women and children in a Jew’s house

“A hour Mr. Abergel”, pack and leave
“this mansion is  allotted to Captain Schindler”
“and you shift to a ghetto”
two blocks away on 22nd street

With no relief from the venom
of Aryans, the true son’s of Christ
I clicked my case and lifted my son
as  girls cried leaving their rooms
their childhood faded in sight
as we left the house

We were punched the Star of David
as every penny was seized and Jewish live’s destroyed
“But look O’ Benji” mom cooks you soup
to cure the cough and sneeze

It snows a little as the engine coos
as the black coal hides in white snow
Like, Mein Fuhrer among blue eyed boys
See how civilization has declined




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