Curse of the inevitable




I still walk in the garden by the sea
where we held our hands
blushing red and kissing near the palms
feeling the warmth in each others breath

But, today I stroll in this park
kicking cans and ripping flowers apart
waiting for you to come and hold my hand
are you late today or I am too dumb to understand?

The clock chimed as it struck 12
and my feet pulled me towards your home
“Meera”,”Meera” I shouted like a 12 year old child
but no one responded, is it your mother’s despise?

Mumbling and distraught I turned my back
but someone stopped me and held my hand
“Oh! Christie what happened to you?”
“Did a lightning strike or you broke up with your beau?”

She drew me close and hugged my soul
drenching me in her sob
“Sister is dead! Raymond ” she twisted my hair
her pain melted my anger and filled it with pain

Sobering her i kissed her forehead
and told her to comfort her mom, as I counted my footsteps
all the way looking up to him
and asking him ” why lord why?

So, now I still walk in the garden everyday
with empty hands and a could soul
but I never go past your grave now
as the living and dead meet and talk
laughing at each others plight


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