Dead shall love

Cruelly you pierced my skin
inches deep into my wounds
wounds still green and fresh
from the last night’s flog

Pain rained down my eyes
but the tongue froze cold
fearing to curse your name it instead cursed the god
while he smiled seeing my fate roll over me all along

But now the rivers have all drained
and all that floats is a tethered corpse
corpse white as jasmine, laid finally to rest among all pain

But, on a moonlit night remember, I shall rise
not with the sickle of reaper’s revenge
but with the rotten petals of flowers that you spitted on grave
to take you where you and I together belong.




6 thoughts on “Dead shall love

  1. Isn’t it beautiful how poetry is like a kaleidoscope. Everybody sees different portion of one large picture in it.

    Thanks Devika or the read. It means a lot to get a critique from accomplished poets like you.

    Peace πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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