Laughter in the Slaughter

Laughter in the Slaughter


“Soul’s burning, lives sacrificed in Africa”, the tube flashed

“We accept donations from Christians only”, read the money box

“Does humanity preach uplifting a human”

“Or dividing life or death between these narrow walls”, I asked


She stared into me searching for eternal shallowness

And, then whispered in my ears

“Charity is over the corner, Sir!”

“This world runs on profit and power”, she said in obviousness

“Is humanity profitable?”, She asked


I looked at her and then around me in a dismay and hopelessness

“Is this what the world reduced to?”, I murmured

As, I, strolled in shock across the colossal glass door

“The smile on her face, reminds me the grin on the grim reaper’s face”, I imagined


“Death comes to us all”

“Flush and bones rot and wither away” the sorrowful heart whispered

But what this world will do with an eternal fallen soul

Isn’t this the devil’s haul?



As the privileged laugh

On the slaughter of poor

I imagine, who has really fallen

The Satan, or the children of God.





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