Diwali Mubarak or Shubh Deepavali?

Typical culture bias and hypocrisy to start with. Scrolling down my news feed 6 A.M in the morning with shootings in U.S(Guys seriously Trump might be a joke but your gun laws shouldn’t be) to Kangana fucking over Hrithik (Seriously this paparazzi shit needs to stop now). I came across this news that Canadian Prime Minister and Leader of the free hearts , the king of charm Justin Trudeau (I am not gay, but come on guys there are some days where his smile is too much for me) wished the world “Diwali Mubarak” and we Indian’s went nuts( went nuts not went for his nuts…..actually we did *Wink).

People trolled him saying “Mubarak” is an arabic word and I was like your mirchi lights are chinese . Suddenly stalwarts of Indian culture appeared and Trudeau was really grilled.

This Indian mentality or why to narrow it…say this human mentality of finding unnecessary faults in statements and instead of being polite and minding their own businness , creating a ruckus is not new. Just look at my ex(Just Kidding, No offence girls 🙂

So, on this auspicious occasion I wish you all “HAPPY,SHUBH DIWALI”. May this festival light up your brains as it lights up your house.

And yeah………….I am in love with Trudeau. (Sorry Ladies)


Peace !!!!Feature




3 thoughts on “Diwali Mubarak or Shubh Deepavali?

  1. This is the age of say something and regret! People have too much time on their hands & everybody is a judge of everything. Anyway, too nice a day to fret over negativity 😉
    Happy Diwali!! ✨⚡️💫

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