Truly One!

Escaping My Fate


Grounded and stuck, deep into the ruinous mines

Created by the memory of my past haunting me in the dark

There was not a way to escape my deadly sins

As the death approached me to drag me to the gates of the hell


I shouted and cried for the help which seemed afar

As, not a soul stood with me as a light in the dark

And as I walked through the haunted paths of my memory

I, glimpsed on every note and it seemed like my obituary


Heaven, declined me and the inferno was ready to feast

On, the sheep that followed the devil eyeing on the riches which he seeks

And, now I realised the truth as it dropped its veil

That not, even the God would save my soul as he should


So, I picked up learning instead of yearning for all the time that was left.

Read, every book and paper I could find on occult and spells

Taught myself rituals, curses and the art to conjure the dead

As now for me the holy book and the almighty was extinct



So, now this petty dabbler rose to be the master of the dark arts

Dreaming, to send the death back to the place where it belonged

But the efforts of mine were in futile and in vain

As the death was too able and me too impotent to alter my doomed fate.