Regrets of the life!

“All I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I’d do, I’d give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me, yeah”

Yeah Avril . You are right. Hurt doesn’t it. Pains day in and day out. Bloody heartbreak.

Days of tears, longings and alcohol just to wash down the pain . Really uproots you from the soil of joy and plants you to the swamp of pain.

10 days and no hope in sight. But then something exciting happened


Really sobered up after a while and  discovered the wonderful feeling called ” Moving On”.

Remember the day you get up and realize that she isn’t that beautiful after all.


Naturally being a poet i had a fair share of tears through my pen. But a bit different way than you expect.

Apologies for the Past


As I sat down leaning on the white wall

In, the gallery floored with the wood of oak

I could still hear the footsteps of her dancing, with this nice old bloke

Drenched in the wine of the mystical love or was it the hidden infernal bane.


Staring at the dusk as the yellow turned tangerine

I was struck by the insight of my lost sense of esteem

And, I sipped my whisky a little this time

As I had apologies for the man that I have been in the past


I bear the guilt, holding my life so low

To be tramped over by the thoughts of misery and woe

And let that Scottish lass assay my pristine love

Which knew no limits as it wasn’t destined to know so


I beg for the forgiveness of my manly pride

Which roared like a lion in the jungle of life

But, I reduced it to a mere bleat of the shivering goat for slaughter

Just to keep my love in my sight


I apologize to the sea and the wind

As I neglected your presence in my blood and veins

And to the quill, and to the pot of ink that I brushed aside

Only to be mocked in the sonnet of infidelity of an irreligious


So, I pray for your mercy, to allow this fool

To cast away the devil and be one with my true self

As, you rise my dead spirit drowned in the alcohol

Of her name which extinguished my aura and life overall





So guys! Let me Sober up a bit. See you soon!

Till then


And Yes to Quote Devdas:-

Kaun Kambakht bardaasht karne ko peeta hai… hum to peete hai ki yahan par baith sake, tumhe dekh sakhe , tumhe bardaasht kar sake


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